What our subscribers say:


The Windows SharePoint Guide is an excellent reference. The subscription means I get access to all the updated information every month for a small annual fee. Using the Guide and SharePoint is the fastest way to get everyone in a business or a community on the same page.

  Phil Patelis


I've had a chance to review his guide and found it to be an excellent resource if you are new to or even familiar with Windows SharePoint Services. It gives great overview in how to perform many of the tasks that you will need to do in a SharePoint installation, along with real world experience where it varies from the official Microsoft line. I'd suggest you check it out if you are doing work with SharePoint as it will save you time and money.

  Wayne Small [SBS-MVP]


We found that using the Windows SharePoint Operations guide has simplified our deployment process for SharePoint WSS 3.0 and has drastically reduced the learning curve for our technical staff. The crew at CIAOPS understand the product and the needs of small and medium size business. In addition they are always there to help out whenever we have questions.

  Andre Vittorio


The Computer Information Agency and their Windows SharePoint Operations Guide has made a considerable difference in the way we deploy and integrate SharePoint Services within our client sites. CIAOPS regular testing of new software releases and associated updates gives us the confidence to go to our clients with the best advice that meets their own unique environment. Testing and then documenting one client deployment strategy or migration for SharePoint within our company would greatly exceed the cost of the annual subscription for the Windows SharePoint Operations Guide where most of the hard work is already done and proven. This helps keep our own internal resource costs down allowing us to pass on considerable savings to our clients. As an added benefit, the ability to gain direct support and advice from CIAOPS on a particular situation has always been met in a satisfactory timeframe. We can even engage CIAOPS at a reasonable hourly rate to provide high level SharePoint expertise on our own behalf if required. We will be signing up again.

  Rod Arthur
LAN Creation