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Why is the Guide superior to other SharePoint offerings?

1. It is updated monthly to take advantage of the latest information about SharePoint. You simply download updates from the web.

2. It includes information about a range of SharePoint additions and add-ons that greatly enhance the functionality of the product including things like Microsoft Search Server Express 2008.

3. It includes a DVD with all the required files, documents, marketing and training material for SharePoint. Currently the DVD has over 4.1GB of information and is updated monthly.

4. Includes a strong focus of SharePoint on Small Business Server (i.e. Companyweb)

5. Subscribers receive a free supported hosted SharePoint site for testing and demonstration purposes.

6. Free entry to all CIAOPS webinars as well as access to all previous webinars via download.

7. Monthly email newsletter to keep you up to date with SharePoint happenings.

Bonus - Receive a PDF copy of both "Overcoming frustration in Outlook" books with every subscription.

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